My Favourite Christmas Products ( So Far)

Yes, yes, yes I know it’s only October, but I will not be apologising for the fact that I LOVE Christmas. I really do, and since having mini me I has become even more magical, but I can be a bit of a challenge for those of us with food allergies and intolerances, so I thought I’d share with you lovely lot my favourite products so far- gone on confess it you’ve bought some things to??

This year ( so far) I’ve been really excited by this panettone (£3) from Tesco. I can here coeliacs everywhere rejoice. I’ve tried it- for the sake of my followers, and it doesn’t disappoint, it really is lovely. My only downside is it’s quite small for the price, but hey it’s Christmas. Sainsbury’s are also doing a larger panettone for around £14 but I’ve yet to locate and try one. I’ll keep you posted.

Also from Tesco, and another gluten free find is this Black Forest wreath. At £5 it looks great and will feed a whole lot of guests with no effort. Sadly it does carry a nut warning though ( boo) so will probably not be on my Christmas table

My one last exciting find in Tesco is their Christmas pudding, mainly because it covers so many free from categories including nut and dairy free. As to what it tastes like, in all honesty I don’t know, it’s firmly on my to try list.

My other exciting find is this pretty dairy free chocolate box from M&S although at £8 it’s expensive. It also carries a nut warning despite Kinnerton making the chocolate- don’t worry we are keeping on at them to change it. However it would make a great gift or after dinner treat.

Other things to look out for is the gluten free and vegan mince pie and Christmas cake from Costa, and well as a very cute dairy free chocolate penguin from Asda.

Fear not I’ll update this post when I find things.

Nb- this is not a sponsored post. Just my honest opinion.


Mrs Crimbles – New Products Review

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending the BBC Good Food show in Birmingham, and I have to say I had a fantastic time.  There was so much to see, and a great opportunity to meet the people behind the brands.

I have to add that this year there was a huge shift towards more choice free from products, the cynical side of me thinks some are jumping on the “gluten free” “clean eating” bandwagon because they think it’s fashionable, but hey ho as a coeliac myself and mini me with her nut allergy I’m not going to complain at more choices.

I had happened to notice that one off my favourite brands Mrs Crimbles had a stall at the show, so naturally it would have been rude to not seek them out, and I was so glad I did as they had lots of new products to try. Obviously for the good of my followers I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you.

My all time favourite is the new cheese straws -do put them in the oven for 5 minutes they come out, warm, puffed up, crispy and so so good. That saying I hadn’t tried any of the others.

The macaroons are ginger, so you get the chewy, chocolatey, almost bounty type flavour of the original macaroons but with ginger, and it works. In my opinion they are even better, the ginger hits your tastebuds and paired with the chocolate really is delicious.

The chocolate Madeleines were something I was looking forward to trying ( my local Tesco keeps selling out). These are tasty and perfect with coffee. A rich, buttery chocolate sponge with a hidden sauce in the centre makes them moist and oh so moreish. You can read my review of the original Madeleine’s here.

Lastly  Is the new cereal bars, great for an on the go breakfast. They are very sticky oat and puffed rice bars. The rice gives a crunch and makes for an interesting texture. I liked both flavours, but the Apricot and sultana was my favourite. The cherries and berries was a little too sweet for me, but the zing from the goji berries was lovely.

So there you have it, my round up of Mrs Crimbles new products. I still love the cheese straws, but the chocolate madeleines are in close contention for being a new favourite to.  Have you tried any of the new products? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.