Layered Breakfast Pot Gluten free

For my third Blogmas post I’m sharing a recipe, (well sort or recipe) with you. The lovely people over at Naturelly were challenging people to create a layered jar. I took the challenge and my mango layered pot was the finished result, so far, I’m working on a truly Christmas twist for my next one.

If you have never heard of Naturelly they produce fabulous jelly/ juice pouches for children. Nut free, gluten free, dairy free and 36 calories so great for little ones- but who says the kids should have all the fun? I’ve given them a grown up twist.

Anyway the best thing with these jars are they are quick and so easy to make ( or assemble really). They would be so cute on a Christmas morning breakfast table, all prepared so the all important family time and present unwrapping isn’t interrupted. Win win all round.

I can’t really call it a recipe but here goes any way.


  • 1 pouch tropical naturelly
  • Chopped mango
  • Yoghurt of choice
  • Granola ( I used Nutribrex)

The method is simple, layer up how you fancy. I chose mango, yoghurt, granola, mango then naturelly.

The next step is simple- dive in and enjoy your breakfast.

Do you like layered jars? What’s your favourite flavour? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: I was sent the naturelly to create a recipe, all views and ideas are my own.


New Product Review -Naturelly Jelly Drink


  Parents behold, there is a new product in town , and it doesn’t disappoint. This is Naturelly jelly juice. The lovely people at Naturelly were kind enough to send me ( well mini me) some samples, so what follows is our thoughts. 

Naturelly is a jelly juice/ snack made from natural fruit juice And jelly made from a  dietary fibre called Gellan gum. This means its gelatine free and been approved by the vegetarian society and coeliac uk.   As a mum to a toddler with allergies I can see these being great for picnics, lunch boxes and days out as they are easily portable, great out the fridge and have a screw top to save for later. 

They are gluten free, dairy free, nut free and only 7.2g of sugar per pouch. For us ( and I’m sure many others) I see this a huge positives. For the record I also think the packaging is fun, colourful and appealing to all, but enough of my ramblings I hear you say- what about the taste? 

Well for that I pass you over to mini me. ( stand by your beds what follows is inspired). 

Following a horrid week of nut reactions and a bad virus mini me was having diva strops to make even Naomi proud. The sight of this new product stopped her mid squark. She eagerly waited for the cap to be removed and took a sip- then like lightening shot off with it in her hands. The verdict – “mummy it’s yummy” ( I told you inspired).  Even more impressive was she went back for seconds later and we had no mouthy ham inspired “yuck” at all. 

My verdict is its a winner. All 3 flavours have been a hit they are 

  • Apple and Blackcurrant 
  • Totally Tropical
  • Summer Fruits.

I confess I tried some to, the texture is half juice, half jelly and the flavours are true to what they are representing. I also liked the fact you don’t get that horrid artificial sweetner aftertaste that feels like it’s coating your teeth. All in all a great new product that I’m sure will become a lunch box regular. 

If you want to buy Naturelly you can do so by clicking Here 

Disclaimer: This product was sent free of charge. All views and opinions are my own, honest thoughts.