Barley Cup Review and Recipe Ideas

What is this I hear you ask?  Well I was intrigued to, and therefore very excited when the lovelies at  Barleycup offered me some to try out. With Barley in the name I was a little skeptical to whether it was gluten free, but guess what ( and rejoice ) it is.     

In fact this is what Barley Cup say on their website about the products. 

Barleycup is a delicious range of instant gluten-free drinks made from roasted cereals and chicory root. All Barleycup beverages are gluten-free and have been certified by Coeliac UK. A special process is used to separate the gluten and the products are regularly tested by an accredited laboratory to ensure that the gluten levels do not exceed 10mg/kg**.

 To start off I thought I’d try It as a drink, 2 teaspoons of Barleycup mixed with just off boiling water, and I added a splash of milk. The verdict is I liked it, the organic and original both taste like a very mild coffee, but without the caffeine. Probably my favourite was the barley cup with dandelion. There is the extra, slightly sweeter flavour that adds to the drink as a whole. Incidently all versions work wonderfully as a latte, and the even bigger news was that the product has not aggravated my coeliac disease what do ever. 

I’ve also been experimenting with recipes using Barleycup. Below is my first attempt at a ( sort of) gluten free, nut free and dairy free malt loaf. Now it’s been years since I’ve had soreen, I can’t really remember the taste but I do remember the ‘squidge’. I’ve got to play one more time to go for the squidge factor but the taste is amazing ( sorry slight blow of own trumpet ). I promise as soon as its perfected the recipe will be up on this post. 


Other ideas I’ve had are mocha type smoothie and chia seed pudding. I’ll keep you posted on how they go. 

So would I recommend Barleycup? You bet I would, it’s a gluten free, caffeine free drink that tastes delicious and is proving to be versatile in its uses as well. Thumbs up all round. 

Disclaimer: Barleycup sent me these products to try, all thoughts and ideas are entirely my own. 


TasteWorks Coffee Review

I’ve always loved coffee, not the instant stuff ( unless I’m desperate), but proper ground coffee. I love the smell as you grind it, and the aroma it gives off when it’s brewing, and let’s not forget the caffeine hit.  I have to confess since becoming a mum to a toddler with energy that rivals a collie the caffeine really helps. 

  Taste works are a new company, and coffee is their product. Their aim is to bring you the best of small, artisan coffee roasters.  These coffees are so far from the instant versions, a must try for all coffee fans.  To Coincide with the launch they kindly sent a sample to try.  I had “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Brews” a Rwandan coffee from Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters in Liverpool. 


  On opening the packet you are hit with chocolate hues, which almost made me think it was a mocca, followed by a strong coffee aroma- great and after following their brewing guide Here I was pouring. 

This coffee is very mellow, and certainly not too strong or bitter. Perfect for that first coffee of the day.  Once poured it loses some of the chocolate scent, but you can taste it ( although if chocolate isn’t your thing it’s by no means over powering.) so my verdict- I really enjoyed this coffee and can’t wait to try some of the other coffees that TasteWorks have on offer.