My Guide To A Free From Advent

Well it’s that time of year again…..Christmas is most definitely coming. I love Christmas- obviously my husband is threatening divorce, as I’d really like to put my decorations up now, but anyway I digress. Advent calendars are a big thing in our house. Kiddo goes to a C of E school and really is getting into advent ( and the nativity but we won’t go there today 😬).

So how to do advent with allergies? Currently we are avoiding peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and gluten so you’d think it could be a challenge…. but I’m going to show you the best things I’ve found so everyone is included.

Top of kiddos list is the above LOL surprise calendar. It’s a little pricy at £29.99 but you get a doll, and varies accessories etc to go with it. There’s also no chocolate in it…. which helps the allergy situation in our house. Others that are very good are the Lego advent calendars, the Harry Potter one is particularly cool, but I would think that- I’m a bit of a Potter Geek.

My favourite allergy friendly advent calendar has to be the NoMo one. It stands for No More Missing Out, and is without a doubt the best free from chocolate I’ve tasted ( and no they aren’t paying me it’s just really good).

You can get these from Holland and Barrett for £9.99.

Moo free also do a lovely advent calendar, although this does carry a hazelnut warning, which you can get Here

Not to forget the grown ups… there is literally hundreds of choices nowadays. My personal favourite is the Boots number 7 Calendar, sadly it sold out in break neck speeds this year, although well done if you managed to get hold of one.

I’m also keen to see Aldi’s gin calendar, as I’m partial to the odd G&T ( ahem).

My husband is a type 1 diabetic so this year he’s having a cheese advent calendar. My best picks are this one from Ilchester cheese, available Here

I’ve also heard that Marks and Spencer are launching one this year for £15…. I’ve not seen it yet, it’s due to hit the shelves asap so I’ll keep you all posted.

Right that’s it for now. I will update this post when I find new things. That leaves me to say I hope you all have a fun 1st of December, opening your advent calendars.

Note- This post is not an ad and contains no affiliate links. Opinion is my own, and calendars I’ve purchased I’ve down so at my own expense