I’ve been nominated ….. 

For an Allergy blog award.  I for one am over the moon.  I started this little blog just over 18 months ago to write my thoughts, recipes and share advice for other parents or people with food allerges. I cannot believe how it has taken off. 

I never expected people to read it, let alone start following me…. But I’m humbled at how my followers have grown and how wonderful the free from community is. I’ve met some really fantastic people along the way. It’s lovely to get messages from people saying I’ve helped them, and I’ve worked with some great companies in the last 12 months as well. It’s extremely exciting. 

In my private life I married my best friend ( after 15 years together ) in October. We had a fantastic day, and will remember it for years to come. Mini me was a flower girl and loved her special job at mummy and daddy’s wedding ( she even managed to stay fairly clean). 

If you want to vote for me then you can follow the link HERE 

I’ve been nominated in 2 categories 

  •   Allergy Blog of the year 
  • Most Informative 

Right time to fly, more posts to plan and write but thank you again, you bunch of lovely, lovely people. X 


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