Review- Silly Yak Pastry

Yes you have read the title correctly. Silly yak (coeliac get it?) is a brand of fresh, ready to roll pastry.  The lovely folk of the company offered me some to have a trial with, so I said yes to see what I could come up with.   Before we even start I love the packaging, it has a yak on the box, what more could you want? 

  So my first idea was an easy, cheats gluten free Danish pastry. The pastry is a puff pastry so I thought is would work well. I cut out 10×10 cm squares, put 2 blobs of custard and 2 apricot halves, then folded operate corners in, egg washed and cooked for roughly 10-15 minutes at 180. 

  I was impressed, you don’t get as big a rise as traditional puff pastry- you won’t there’s no gluten. But you do get a lovely light pastry with a good crisp to it.  The taste is lovely, ( well very moreish) and worked well as a sweet pastry. You could add some sugar- I didn’t but I don’t personally think it altered the taste being plain at all. 


For my savoury attempt I tried a quiche, blind baking the case first, it was all A ok, no rise as such because of the weight of the baking beans, and no holes that the filling could escape through either. Another point to make is that this pastry rolls and handles well. You will need a well floured surface and rolling pin, as its a little sticky at first. I should also add that it was a great tasting quiche with no soggy bottom in sight- always a bonus. 

  You can purchase Silly Yak from Tesco, for £1.75 a pack. I also like this point, in a market where free from can be very expensive, this is reasonable. So will I be using Silly Yak again? Yes I will, it’s a great versatile product that tastes lovely. 

Have you tried Silly Yak? What goodies did you make with it? 

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review, all opinions are my own. 


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