Thought of the day- Mini Break Ideas. 

It’s that time of day, the tribe are asleep, I’m awake and I start thinking (procrastinating some may say). I mean today that’s a little white lie, my mind’s wondered due to bridesmaid dress searching – and I’ve still not found the right dress for my besties, and all shades of pink have now blurred into one. I need a break…..

This sparked my next thought, we still haven’t booked a honeymoon and I found myself thinking about what would be the ideal getaway for us, and I include mini me, she is a huge part of us and I couldn’t leave her behind. She’d climb into my suitcase anyway, my efforts would be fruitless. We get married on October 23rd in case you were wondering. 

We’ve been together for 15 years and are fortunate to have traveled to some fabulous places. Pre child I’d have said are perfect getaway would have been (the possible clique ) of a Caribbean all inclusive, but we’ve done the piña coladas on the beach, and the drunken Ibiza antics ( less said about that the better) and now we think something like exploring and family adventure would be more our thing. 

What’s more I cannot forget how exciting it will be discovering new places and things with Lily-Rose, the eyes widen, the smile beams and my heart melts every time she discovers something new. 

Considering we are getting married in the autumn, i can’t help feeling a UK based mini break would be perfect. I’m ashamed to say there are so many places in the UK I’ve not seen. I love the autumnal colours, the sense that change is own the way, my ever longing hope we will see snow in the forthcoming winter ( yes I know I’m a big kid at heart). The Lake District or Peak District spring to mind as a possible contender. 

We live in the country, my daughter is a true country bumpkin, and somewhere with walks, horses ( big favourite at the moment) and a cosy log fire would be amazing. Not forgetting that since we live in the Midlands, somewhere costal is always my first choice. I originiate from Cornwall, ( I’m biased I guess when I say it’s my favourite place to go) and Hef from North Wales so the sea and beach are things we don’t see too often, but gets squeals of delight from all of us when we do. I always seem to find myself suggesting the south west, I guess it’s the home bird in me. That said the Isles of Scilliy is somewhere we have not explored, but is on the list. In my head there would be fantastic rock pools to delve in, plus the enevitable funny photo of Hef ( and it will be Hef) getting pinched by a crab, costal walks and beautiful scenery to see. Plus it’s a small plane trip which will also be mini me’s first experience. 

I’m not stupid either, other things we look for is a swimming pool or indoor entertainment if the weather takes a turn.  Those of you with children know 1 hr of a bored child is like a week in real time. 

Ironic as it is, whilst I’m writing this post, a few days without iPads and social media and endless calls would be bliss. Proper family time for us all to re connect is something that can be overlooked, it’s easy to get into routine, but something I think is so so important, time out from our busy schedules would be lovely. 

I know what your all thinking. I cannot not mention food, it’s a foodie blog after all.  Well sea food is a winner, and one thing none of us are allergic to. Usually we go for self catering due to multiple allergies, but my ideal is always to find an understanding hotel that is willing to cater to our needs. They do exsist, you just need to do your homework. Mind you I’m always prepared and never let things like this hold us back or stop us from visiting places.

So there you have it our perfect getaway sun (maybe), sea ( definitely) and adventure and memories (always).
This post is in part written for Joules Explorers blogging competition. Why don’t you have a go yourself? 

photo credit: <a href=”″>Horse in the Mist</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;


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