TasteWorks Coffee Review

I’ve always loved coffee, not the instant stuff ( unless I’m desperate), but proper ground coffee. I love the smell as you grind it, and the aroma it gives off when it’s brewing, and let’s not forget the caffeine hit.  I have to confess since becoming a mum to a toddler with energy that rivals a collie the caffeine really helps. 

  Taste works are a new company, and coffee is their product. Their aim is to bring you the best of small, artisan coffee roasters.  These coffees are so far from the instant versions, a must try for all coffee fans.  To Coincide with the launch they kindly sent a sample to try.  I had “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Brews” a Rwandan coffee from Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters in Liverpool. 


  On opening the packet you are hit with chocolate hues, which almost made me think it was a mocca, followed by a strong coffee aroma- great and after following their brewing guide Here I was pouring. 

This coffee is very mellow, and certainly not too strong or bitter. Perfect for that first coffee of the day.  Once poured it loses some of the chocolate scent, but you can taste it ( although if chocolate isn’t your thing it’s by no means over powering.) so my verdict- I really enjoyed this coffee and can’t wait to try some of the other coffees that TasteWorks have on offer.  

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