Review -Mrs Crimbles Gluten Free Madeleine

  Pre coeliac diagnosis, and having spent a fair amount of time in France I was quite fond of a Madeleine. Post diagnosis and many many attempts at creating a gluten free version I just could not succeed in perfecting the gluten free version of this French classic.  I just resided with the fact that this would be on my lust after, but never having list. ( along with the McQueen peeptoe heart shoes, and Johnny Depp). 

 Anyway I digress, my ears pricked up when I heard about Mrs Crimbles bringing out a new gluten free version of the classic Cake. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found said cakes in my local garden centre of all places. Fosse way Garden centre in case you were wondering. 

They only had the classic version, but you can also get a chocolate version as well direct from Mrs Crimbles. Now they do carry a ‘ may contain’ nut warning which I’m assuming is an actual risk as Mrs Crimbles makes a bakewell type slice with almonds, so I tried these during a post soft play nap (mini me, not myself) 

I was impressed, they are all individually wrapped which is handy if you are out and about, and being a normal Madeleine they are the usual size as well- perfect with a cup of coffee. You get a good waft of vanilla when you open the packet, and once you cut into the cake the texture is closed pack like I remember they used to be. 

These taste lovely, you get a fairly strong vanilla taste- I like that, and no artificial aftertaste. In fact they are quite moreish, so stopping yourself from reaching for another is challenging. Another point is that they are aren’t dry when you bite into them, as some gluten free cakes can be.  All in all I am impressed with them, and I look forward to trying the chocolate ones at a later date.  Well done Mrs Crimbles. 

Have you tried these yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 


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