Review- Mrs O’s Fuss Free Cake Mixes 

If you have never heard of Mrs O’s Fuss Free mixes then you are in for a treat. A small company producing easy baking mixes that are all Egg, Dairy, and nut free, and now gluten free. This made my ears prick up as nut free in a mix is hard to find. You can have a look for yourself  Here at the different goodies you can buy.

I was kindly sent a gluten free cake mix to experiment with and see what we all thought. Now I will confess I was skeptical ( I am by nature anyway) of an egg, dairy, and gluten free mix being any good in terms of rise, taste and texture, but I never form judgement until I’ve tried anything.

The mix is very easy to use, add to the mix :

100g melted dairy free spread ( I used butter in one trial and it works just as well)

200 ml rice milk

1tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp white wine vinegar.

Mix it up and hey presto your cake batter is ready ( it looks and feels like an egg containing mixture as well)

I made cupcakes and added raisins, little one loves them and was demanding them ( Waitroses’ are nut free). These take a shorter cooking time, roughly 20-25 minutes compared to 45-50 minute for a larger cake.

Now I have to say I was impressed with the rise in the cakes both small and large, and the texture was light and fluffy. Incidentally they keep better as well, still being soft and moist the day after, unlike some gluten free cakes can do.


I trialed the Victoria sponge on family, only one other is coeliac, and the verdict was the cake was tasty, moist and that the rise was impressive ( add puns later). I have to say I agree, the addition of the vanilla means you have a lovely flavoured sponge, with no artificial after taste left in your mouth.  I used cream as a filling with jam, I think buttercream would make the whole thing too sweet, but that is just me. It works well with other flavours to, I think a coffee cake will be next on the list.

It was great that mini me could also join in and no worry of her swelling up which is a bonus, and aside from the cooking time the whole thing took all of 10 minutes to put together which is great.


The only slight disadvantage I could see some people having issue with is the cost of the product which ranges from £5.50 to £8.50, but for me peace of mind and convienience if you are in a rush are huge advantages, and well worth a try – I’m looking forward to the gluten free brownie mix when it’s available.

Disclaimer- I was sent this product to trial, but all views are my own, honest opinion.


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