Review- KoKo Dairy Free yogurts 

These are the new kids on the dairy free block, and I think I can hear the whoops of joy from here. £1.34 from the new, and very much improved, Free From section in Morrisons gets you this two pack. 

  They are a coconut milk based yogurt with added calcium and vitamins ( a bonus to help up your total calcium intake if dairy free). The flavours available are :

  • Peach and Passionfruit 
  • Strawberry 
  • Raspberry 
  • Coconut and lemon

Something for all tastebuds I think you will agree. Not only this they are also gluten free, nut free ( I jump for joy here) and suitable for those on vegetarian and vegan diets. 


So how does it taste? On opening the pot you can see generous amounts of fruit inthe yogurt. This is something I like. The yogurt itself is creamy and silky to taste. It’s different to a dairy based yogurt- that is to be expected obviously but it’s also not as harsh/ bitter to the taste as natural coconut yogurt- I can see this being great for parents. My little one loved this flavour and the strawberry. It’s great she eats and doesn’t moan (mum 1- Toddler 0). 

For me I found it sweeter than my usual taste, although I’ve been cutting down on refined sugar so in all honesty I find a lot of things sweet at the moment. 

So will we be buying them again? Too right we will, and well done Koko on the great product. You can find more info on them Here

Have you tried these or any of the other flavours? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 
Disclaimer- I purchased this product myself, and all views are my own (and truthful). 


3 thoughts on “Review- KoKo Dairy Free yogurts 

  1. Healthy and Psyched says:

    Great review. I tried the strawberry ones and raspberry. They aren’t overpoweringly coconutty either, but I didn’t really like the added ingredients in them. I think I’d rather buy plain coconut yoghurt without sweetners and add my own flavouring- although that does work out more expensive!!!!


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