Happy New Year 

As I sit here writing this, I’m sure a few of you are nursing sore heads, and swearing never to drink again. I have a toddler so we stayed in and had friends over so I’m raising a glass of bubbly now to the new year.

2015 was, for many reasons, probably one of my worst to date! I lost 8 weeks over late spring with my father being very ill and my daughters’ allergies coming to a head. It’s been a year of learning and adjustments. Learning about living with food allergies and letting little one have a normal childhood seemed daunting but wasn’t that bad. In fairness it helped a lot me being coeliac and my partner is a type 1 diabetic. I find its other people that make big deals about her allergies, I have to admit I wish they wouldn’t as I really do not want her getting a complex over her diet.

I love a new challenge, hence this blog. My friends will all tell you I’m not that techy but I decided to challenge myself with starting a blog- best idea I had for a while. The blogging community is great, I’ve gained followers and friends. My confidence is growing as to are my posts and style, all things I never really thought I’d even like doing.

So what are my plans for 2016….. Well to grow my blog further, experiment with new ideas and recipes. Get married to my best friend (October incase you were wondering) and have more fun everyday with my crazy little monkey (averting the odd diva strop as we go).   So Happy New year, I hope you all have a great one.