Review – M&S Gluten Free Sausage Rolls. 

I was pottering through my local M&S food hall the other day and spotted these in the deli aisle. I think it’s brilliant that these companies are expanding their “free from” ranges and these can be found along side the gluten free scotch eggs ( yummy), pork pies (ok) and quiches. 

Now considering the fat content I wouldn’t be eating these every week, and operation wedding dress wouldn’t allow for it either, but a little treat once in a while is good for the soul ( I think anyway) 

 So what are they like? Well  you get the two for £3, I personally think £1.50 is good value per sausage roll, but really it all comes down to the taste test. The packet says they can be eaten hot or cold, so naturally I tried both ways. If eaten cold I really didn’t like them, it was rather underwhelming. The pastry has no puff and crumbled and the sausage, whilst being well seasoned and tasty had a stoggy texture that was hard to swallow and the remainder ended up in the dog ( she didn’t complain). 

However all hope is not lost,  into the oven went the second attempt. This is where these come into their own. It came out all sizzling and golden, which looks more inviting in the first instance.  The pasty had expanded slightly and had a crunch when cut and you can see the layers, which is difficult with a gluten free puff pastry. The taste comes alive, the texture of the sausage improves, you experience a traditional sausage flavour of pork and herbs but no heavy texture as you eat it. In short these were made to be eaten warm.  

Would I buy them again? Well yes but I’d only be eating them warm. If you fancy a quick on the go lunch from M&S I’d recommend the new sandwich range, especially the BLT or the scotch eggs and cocktail sausages.  Have you tried these yet? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 



2 thoughts on “Review – M&S Gluten Free Sausage Rolls. 

  1. Amanda says:

    We had these today , room for improvement . Not very tasty , rather bland .having said that , it’s the first time we’ve been disappointed with anything gluten free from M&S .


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