Review: Nutribix Gluten Free Weetabix 

Yes you have read the title correctly this is a new product hitting the UK’s  gluten free market, and one I was very excited to try. 

  These are like weetabix but obviously are not made from wheat. These little beauties are made from Sorghum, a gluten free grass native to Australia, the added bonus is sorghum is low in fat and sugar unlike so many breakfast cereals out there. 

Firstly the box is great, it’s pink and bold and screams “Pick me Pick me” at you on the shelf. And into the trolly they go. When you open the box up don’t be fooled by their size.  You may think they are small but looks can be deceiving. I found they are very filling and kept hunger pangs away until lunch time. 


So how do they taste? Now I was worried that they could be bland and like cardboard, but thankfully this was not the case. They are very absorbent, I’ve tried them with both cows and coconut milk which are both sucked up like a biscuit type sponge. As we all know Wheetabix goes to a soggy mush they you can build houses with (mums of toddlers will agree I’m sure). These go soggy but retain some shape and texture which I loved if I’m honest. I think it’s something to do with it not resembling something I weaned my daughter with….. Anyway I digress (sorry). 

They taste of rustic grains (although I can’t remember what wheat really tastes like to compare) and lend themselves well to a variety of toppings- a bonus for adding towards your 5 a day. I was impressed I have to say. I’ve had some followers comment on the price £3.79 which I can understand would put some people off. For a heads up they are on offer in Tesco at the moment. You get 8-12 servings in a box so works out roughly 50p or there a bouts so in my opinion quite a cheap breakfast.  

Will I be buying them again? It’s a resounding yes. Well done Nutribix on this new product. Have you tried it? What are your favourite toppings? Let me know in the comments below. 


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