Product Review-M&S Cheese Ploughman’s Sandwhich 

   Yes you read it right, hurrah M&S, I thought to myself, at last a quick, convient lunch solution on days when you forget or run out of time to make lunch ( I hasten to add this was me today).
I’ll paint the picture, I had about 4 hrs total sleep last night, due to the little lady cutting a molar and having a nightmare. It’s not a pretty sight and the morning has been fuelled by coffee, very strong coffee. The wind (outside, not me) is terrible and it’s cold so I found myself insideM&S. My eyes clapped sight on the familiar green free from packaging and there in stock was BLT, cheese ploughman’s or ham salad gluten free sandwiches. I opted for cheese.
I notice it’s high in salt, fats and calories but it’s not everyday I’d eat this and I needed the boost quite frankly (mental note to go to the gym later). So how does it taste, in one word- delicious. The cheese is mature and tasty, the salad fresh and crunchy, no soggy lettuce here. I liked the tang of the pickle and the bread did not, I repeat did not taste of cardboard. I should point out there is a very generous filling inside.

Low points £3 is fairly expensive in my opinion and the high calorie and fat content all mean I wouldn’t be having this daily, but would I buy it again…. Well yes because sometimes a little treat does you good. Well done Marks and Spencer.

Have you tried this or any other the other flavour? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.


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