Toad In The Hole-Gluten Free

In honor of national sausage week (yes is it a thing) I thought it would be rude to not put a sausage based recipe on the blog. I mean sausages have to be up there with fish and chips or a roast dinner as a British favourite. 

 I find this method fool proof and works well as a gluten free or non gf version by just changing the flour mixed. It’s done more by volume rather than measuring out (a trick a certain Jamie Oliver favours I believe). You need a cup, any size depending on how much batter mix you need. The trick is to use equal measures of egg, flour and milk. 


Sausages of your choice I used The Black Farmer gluten free sausages. 

1 cup of milk

1 cup of self raising gluten free flour

1 cup of eggs 

Pinch of salt. 


Mix together the eggs, salt, flour and milk and whisk to form the batter. 

I let it stand for about 10 minutes but you don’t have to. 

Heat some oil or dripping in your dish, add the sausages then pour over the batter. Be careful when adding the sausages as the oil will be hot and could spit out at you. ( I speak from experience) 

Cook at 180 for about 20 minutes or so. Resist opening the oven door-batter can be temperamental. 

When the batter is well risen and golden the dish is cooked. 

Serve with mash and onion gravy- delicious. 

NB- I part cook the sausages in a pan before adding to the batter but which ever way you choose is fine. 

This is a recipe I’ve adapted from others. 



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