New Product From Newburn Bakehouse -Mini Wraps

   These are a new product that were launched in the UK on Monday 28th September. The lovely people at Newburn BakeHouse selected me to test their Wholegrain Mini Wraps. Naturally I jumped at the chance.
I like the smaller size-perfect for lunch boxes, and the fact that they are whole grain so higher in fibre and lower in fat. Their bigger brother has won awards for taste and I can see these being in contention of awards as well.

So…. How do they taste?? I hear you all ask. Delicious is the short answer.  I like the texture of the wrap and the grains within in it (ancient grains no less). They hold their shape and don’t break when they are folded. They are a great alternative to a sandwich and lend themselves to both savoury and sweet fillings.

My combinations tried so far are avacardo, bacon and Brie and Nutella with bananas.  My mission this week is to try further options.

If you want to try them I believe sainsburys and Ocado are stockists. If you have a pack let me know what other yummy fillings you have tried in the comments below.

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