Review- Get Buzzing Banana and Apricot Bars 


  I was having a merry wonder through my local Waitrose store early and came across these little beauties. Nut Free grabbed my attention first, followed by made in the UK. I’m all for supporting local and uk made products so into the basket they went. 

The packaging is simple, bold and eye catching.  Inside  you get 3 individually wrapped flapjacks, again a bonus as they won’t go stale quickly. So this brings on the next thing- the taste test. Enter my cute (I’m biased I know) toddler. 

  She’s always enthusiastic when trying new things and these were no different. Yummy was what I got when asking her how it tasted, so there you have it.  

 Now I can tolerate small amounts of oats, so tried a mouthful, I would have been rude not to right? I was impressed, I dislike flapjacks that are too sweet, these weren’t, they are also lovely and chewey which I personally think is a bonus in a flapjack. Each bar is 219 calories, so I also wasn’t feeling I had to cycle miles to burn it off either.  

  Now today is the first I’d heard of Get buzzing so I thought I’d do a bit of research. Their website is Here. On it you can also see, and buy, their whole product range, which includes a bar made with Wowbutter the peanut butter substitute. So that will be on the to try list for the future. 

  Have you tried any of these products? Which is your favourite flavours? Let me know in the comments below. 


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