Mango and Nectarine Milkshake  

Good afternoon all, hope the week is treating you well?  This is a quick, easy recipe for a delicious healthy milkshake. No artificial nasties in this beauty.

Now I will confess I do have a brilliant Omniblend blender which makes light work of the ice cubes, but you can use a food processor instead if you have one (hand blenders can struggle with the ice)


  • 225g of your chosen fruit
  • 200 ml of a yogurt of your choice – I used fat free Greek style
  • 125 ml of milk – I used coconut, but almond or rice or cows milk will work as well.
  • Handful of ice cubes


  • Put all the ingredients into your blender
  • Pulse first
  • Blend for a minute or so
  • Pour and serve.

The joy of this is that it’s easy (yippee), gluten free, nut free and depending on your milk and yogurt choices can be dairy free as well.   I’m no expert but I think it is suitable for those following a clean eating diet as well.

So there you have it an easy milkshake. If you try this, or experiment with other flavour combinations then let me know how you get on in the comments below.


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