(Mostly) Blackcurrant Jam

  As this week is national Afternoon Tea Week I didn’t need much more of an excuse to share this easy jam recipe with you all.   It’s called mostly jam because it’s mostly Blackcurrant with some blueberries as well. Any purists out there please feel free to just stick to one fruit. This is my take on my grandmothers’ recipe, I’m sure she’d be thrilled I’m using and sharing it. 

  For me I love then tangy bursts of Blackcurrant which go famously with a scone and cream or Victoria sponge, especially if you fancy a Change from the traditional strawberry jam.  I also had a glut of these glorious berries ( this year I’ve gone all good life) and didn’t want to waste them. 

The other good news is that this recipe is gluten, dairy and if made if a nut free environment then nut free as well.  Anyway enough of my ramblings I’ll get on to the recipe. 


Jam pan

 Sugar Thermometer


Sterilised jam jars and lids.


300 grams/ 10.5 ozs fruit

300 grams /10.5 ozs jam sugar

Juice of a lemon 

200 mls of water 


  • The beauty of this recipe is that you can you the whole of the berry. I pick off the stalks then after a good wash put them into the pan. You can top and tail them if you wish or strain the jam through a muslin later but i prefer my jams with a rustic feel so bits/ pips don’t bother me. 
  • Pour over the water and heat gently until the water reaches boiling point, the fruit softens and starts to split.
  • Simmer for about 20 minutes, the water should have evaporated by now. 
  • Add the sugar and lemon juice, cook with a gentle rolling boil until the sugar thermometer reaches 105c / 220F this is your setting point. I should add a saucer put in the freezer and seeing if the jam wrinkles at the edges when put on the cold saucer will also tell you the jam has reached setting point. 
  • Leave to cool for a few minutes before pouring in clean sterilised jars. 

Voila there will be roughly 2 jars of yummy jam to enjoy. 


Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy your jam making to go with those afternoon teas. Let me know in the comments box. 


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