Review- Orgran Vanilla Biscuits 

  The above can also be known as toddler bribes ( no judging it’s been a long day).  On a free from shopping trip earlier I stumbled across these, the Nut Free logo being what caught my eye first. That saying they are also gluten, dairy and egg free as well as vegan friendly, so a winner all round. 

  Now the real test for a product aimed at children is by the child their self.   After five minutes of floor polishing from mini me for-wait for it- moving her buggy I think we were both exhausted. Once things had calmed done I suggested a drink and a biscuit- que squeals of delight. 

  I can say they are a real winner, small animal shaped biscuits are ideal for little hands and perfect for a little treat. I believe they do come in handy bags for lunch boxes to. My little one polished off a couple before you could say biscuit.  I thought I should try one to ( quality control of course). They have a good crunch and not too sweet, so thumbs up all round. 


cute animal shaped biscuits


For more information you can visit Orgran’s website Here

Thank you for reading, if you have found any other yummy discoveries then let me know in the comments below. 



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