Hello And Welcome

Hello all and welcome, if you have stumbled across my blog then let me explain why I’ve started it.

Im Gemma, I’m 31 and have been diagnosed with coeliac disease since I was 18. In the last 12 years more products have become available ( which is great) but I enjoy cooking and experimenting with flavours and would love to share them with you all.

2 years ago my daughter was born, she is this amazing little girl with endless energy.  A few months ago we dramatically discovered she has a severe reaction to peanuts and tree nuts.  Many tests and appointments later the impact of this has now seen another lifestyle change . for good measure my partner is a Type 1 diabetic ( we are bottom of the dinner party list).  I fear I’m rambling but my frustrations are very real. It is very hard to find nut free products, hours of your life get lost reading labels. I also assume I’m not alone in my frustrations to find safe foods for my little girl.

I refuse for her to be defined by her allergy, it’s part of who she is, but that is all…so this blog is born. I will seek to produce exciting ( toddler tested) nut free and gluten free recipes as well as reviewing new products as and when I discover them.  I hope people will find it useful, and I look forward to welcoming you all along on my Free From Foodie mission,


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